' Lindwedel Winery - Bottling with a Truck
Bottling with a Truck

Last month we needed to bottle 6 different wines but didn't have the time (we still do most of it by hand- a 6 bottle bottler, 1 bottle corker, capping by hand,  and labeling by hand, yikes!) So, Adam found a guy who built a contraption in a trailor that does it all! It was amazing! We just needed to hook up the tanks to the trailor, have empty bottles and boxes, caps, and labels, a little human labor, and then it would do the rest!

In 10 hours of work; we were able to get 6 different wines completely finished and ready to sell. 6 different wines = 1100 cases= 13,200 bottles! If we didn't have the trailor rented to help, it would've taken a good couple weeks for us to be able to get everything bottled, that's not including labeling. We hope to be able to use the trailor again in the future :-)

Bottling Pictures  (click here for pictures and videos)



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