' Lindwedel Winery - 10 Year Anniversary!
10 Year Anniversary!

10 years, wow!

We are so grateful and blessed for everyone who has helped us (family and friends), we don't know what we would have done without your support. 10 years seems to have gone by so fast, but not without the good and the bad, of course. We want to thank each and everyone of you that have supported us in our earliest years and even those of you who are new. 

On April 21st and 22nd, we decided to have a party. We had Spork Express Food Truck both days in our parking lot with great food. Denzil & Jonathan and Mile zero played 3 hour sets on Saturday and then Toe Jam on Sunday. We weren't sure how the weekend would turn out because it was supposed to storm all weekend. Thankfully on Saturday it stayed away until the last hour or so. But Sunday was not looking good. We debated on bringing the music inside or not and we decided to put them in the small event room which turned out fine and it rained a little at the beginning and then stayed away the rest of the afternoon. 

We even gave out prizes once an hour for the duration of both days and we hope whomever won them will enjoy and remember us.

As a thank you, we bought 40 dozen cookies from a baker friend of ours and whomever wanted some could take some. Then we suprised the owners with a replica cake of our Table Rock Red wine from Sugar Leaf Bakery. We wanted to cut that for ourselves after we closed haha. It was even red velvet inside to match the wine. 

Again, we want to say thank you!! Here's to another 10 years :-) 

10 Year Anniversary Pictures (click here to see pictures)

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